The unique flavor of Danesi‘s blends come from continuous relentless and accurate inspections of the raw coffees they are composed by, balancing tradition and innovation and guarantying the highest quality.

The quality guarantee of Danesi products comes mostly from people work, added to an innovative use of technology.

The aroma, the taste and the aspect of a coffee reflect the passion of those who have worked for a long time to create the highest level quality product possible.

Selecting, blending, roasting, milling: are ancient and essential procedures passed down within the company through the years. Those techniques, paired with the most modern equipment and technology available today, ensure to achieve the highest levels of control in every step of the production process.

The roasting process follows specific convection techniques where the heat is evenly distributed and thermal conduction is controlled not only by the most advanced computerized systems but also by the most skilled master roasters, this process is slow and gradual. The result is a unique product created by a company that operates in perfect balance between tradition and modernity always distinguishing itself in the industry offering to its clients quality and consistency.


In 1999 Danesi Caffè obtained the first Certification of the Quality Management System, according to the UNI EN ISO 9001, for “Development, Packaging and Distribution of Milled Coffee and in Grain”.

In 2012, because of our awareness on environment, we integrated the Management System with the Environmental Certification, according to the UNI EN ISO 14001, and in 2014 we added the Certification of Food Security Integrated Management System, according to the IFS – International Food Standard (Higher Level) and BRC – British Retail Consortium (Grade AA), in the perspective of a continuous improvement of Company Management.

Specifically, our purposes are:

  • To guarantee an efficient control on production process risk factor;
  • To guarantee a product in compliance with the legal conditions applied for food security;
  • To demonstrate the capability of supplying regularly a satisfying product, according to the customer needs;
  • To increase the customer satisfaction, in the perspective of a continuous improvement;
  • To communicate efficiently to the supplier and to the customer the set of problems which concern the food security;
  • Define the significant environmental aspects in order to take under control the environmental impacts by continuously monitoring its performance.

The checks carried out at the manufacturing plant are visual, quantitative sensory, documentary, instrumental and microbiological (according to the sampling plan provided for in the Manual Proper Hygienic Practices) also periodically, in accordance with the Audit Program interior, the internal Audit Group provides for the verification of the correct application of procedures.

Ilaria Danesi, the green coffee buyer and quality manager of Danesi Caffè, is since 2013 a licensed Q Arabica Grader. She successfully completed the course that involves training and individual tests on coffee related subjects, such as green grading, coffee cupping, roast identification, sensory skills, olfactory, triangulation and cupping, as well as a written examination covering general coffee knowledge.

A Q Grader is a skilled coffee expert who consistently and accurately grades coffee and assess quality using SCAA cupping protocols. There are currently more than 4.000 Licensed Q Graders worldwide. Today, the Q Grader certification is the only internationally recognized certificate for Arabica coffee cuppers. In Italy there are just only six active members at this moment, among them Ilaria, our quality manager.