Danesi’s coffee is rich in stories.

“Gutta Cavat lapidem” (The drop digs the stone), stated an ancient Latin proverb. The meaning is simple but profound: every little gesture, if repeated and shared, can lead to great results. Or, in other words: one step at a time allows you to get really far towards a desired destination. And if I told you even with “one cup of

Inspired by a famous book* of José Saramago (Nobel Prize for Literature), I invite anyone to ask himself this question: what would happen if suddenly coffee disappeared from the world? It seems like a surreal question, but let’s try to imagine for an instant what would happen if indeed it happened for real. Our days in the post-coffee era

If someone talks to you about pink coffee you would probably twist your nose at the idea of a coffee with a similar color. But today I want to talk about a really pink coffee. I’m not crazy and we at Danesi certainly did not decide to put strange substances in our blends. Yet a pink coffee exists, even if

If during a conversation someone told you that flour is the most used food in the world, or that coffee is the most consumed drink after water, you would not be very surprised. But try to imagine that you were told that there is a flour – with which bread, pasta, desserts can be made – made not from wheat but


For over one hundred years Danesi brand has been roasting coffee in the name of quality and in respect of the tradition, for people and for nature. The attention our company devotes to reduce to the minimum the social and environmental impact the coffee production process requires is expressed today through the constant commitment towards the safeguard and protection of Continua a leggere

The CaféyCaffè Project was created with the aim of improving the standard of living of small producers in rural mountain communities, reducing its socio-economic vulnerability and increasing the sustainability of their crops and their incomes. The result is the guarantee of the most extensive and reliable supply of sustainably coffee product, high- quality features. The influence of climatic change on Continua a leggere

OUR PURPOSE During 2016 Danesi Caffè S.p.A. joined the National Cluster Agrifood CL.A.N. – a partnership of significant enterprises, centers of research, local representatives and stakeholder in the agro industrial business – with the purpose of promoting a sustainable economic growth based on research, development and innovation technology and to be the single interlocutor of national and European Institutions. The Continua a leggere

Purpose Recently Danesi Caffè S.p.A. became part of the Executive Committee of University-Enterprise –(Food and Human Nutrition Science of Biomedical Campus University of Rome) with the goal of promoting a constant dialogue between academic authorities and enterprises by creating the opportunity to offer educational training and internships for professional and different candidates in the job market. Placement activities provide for Continua a leggere